frequently asked questions



General Information 

What is the cost to have our wedding at The Lodge?                                                       

Pricing ranges from about $125 to $200 per person, which includes the venue fee, tables and chairs, glassware, dishware, catering, and staff.  Our prices vary based on what day of the week you are holding your event, and style of dining.  Please contact our booking manager Jacey for more details, at or (818) 268-0689.

When are tours available?                                                        

The Lodge is part of a private residential community and is not open for walk-in visits. Tours may be booked for Tuesday through Sunday, depending on our event schedule. We normally book private tours, however if The Lodge is booked on both Saturday and Sunday of a weekend then we may offer a group tour in the morning, before The Lodge has opened for an event.

To schedule a tour, please email or call (818) 268-0689.                                  

Do you offer tastings?                            

We love doing tastings! We hold a monthly Supper Club tasting dinner at The Lodge. This gives couples and their friends and family a chance to not only sample the chef’s offerings, but also to get a better sense of the event space. The evening begins with a cocktail hour in the Library Bar with passed appetizers and drinks, then we move into the Ballroom for dinner. We often have flowers by a variety of local florists and may have DJs, musicians, event planners and designers in attendance. Reservations are $65 per person, and up to 4 dinners ($260) will be credited toward your final invoice once you book your event at The Lodge. Alternately, we can do a private, custom tasting for you and three other guests, for a flat fee of $480.  To reserve your seats at a monthly Supper Club please email or call (818) 268-0689.

Do you have wheelchair access?

We are a proud to be an accessible facility.  Access to the Great Lawn is via the path on the east side of the Front Porch, and access to the Ballroom is via the west end of the Front Porch, directly next to the handicap parking space. We also have a handicap accessible bathroom in the Ballroom.

Dining at The Lodge                                                                       

Can we bring in our own caterer?

Chef Cordelia Catering is both the manager and exclusive caterer for The Lodge, and we do not allow off-site caterers. We do allow outside vendors for late-night food service (such as a food truck), specialty coffee service, and dessert caterers/pastry chefs who would provide your wedding cake or other desserts.

Do you provide bar catering?

We do offer complete bar service packages, or you have the option of supplying your own alcohol.  In either case, we will provide your bartending staff.  Please note that a basic package of non-alcoholic refreshments and mixers is included in your per person catering rate.  If you choose to bring your own alcohol, then you would need to determine the quantities for your guests.  Please note that we do not allow kegs at The Lodge.  Also note that 750mL bottles are preferable to 1.75 mL size, for ease and speed of use.   We supply the ice for your bar service at no additional cost.                                                    

How do you manage special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, vegan, and kosher catering?

We happily design menus that have allergen-free, vegetarian and vegan options. We are also pleased to offer kosher-style catering when requested. This means we use kosher food products and follow basic kosher guidelines such as not serving dairy products with meat, and excluding shellfish and pork.  If you are concerned with even small amounts of allergens or other types of foods, please note that we do not have separate kitchens that are used only for kosher, vegetarian, vegan, or allergen-free meal preparation. We therefore cannot assure meals that are completely free of trace amounts or combinations of specific foods.

Can we have food trucks?

While Chef Cordelia Catering is the exclusive caterer at The Lodge, we do allow food trucks for a “late night snack,” provided they do not need to use our kitchen.  Keep in mind this may reduce the capacity of the lot for guest parking by a few cars.

Is there a cake cutting charge?

Nope – we are happy to cut and serve your cake for you.


Booking Details                                                    

Do we need to use a wedding planner?

Yes.  We require that you use a day-of-wedding coordinator, and we highly recommend using a full-service planner.  We require that your coordinator or planner be present at your final walk-thru meeting, rehearsal, and throughout the duration of your wedding day- from set up to clean up.  We have a list of people whom we work with and love on our Recommended Vendor List, or you are welcome to work with the professional of your choice. 

What is the payment schedule?

A deposit of $2500.00 is due when you book your date and sign your contract.  50% of your Estimate is then due 60 days prior to your event, with the remaining balance due 10 business days prior to your event, adjusted for actual guest count.                                                                                                         

What if our guest count changes between the time we book and our wedding?

Your final guest count is due 10 business days before your event, and at that time your invoice will be adjusted so that your remaining final payment will reflect your actual guest count.

We are having our ceremony at another location. How much is it just to have our reception at The Lodge?

The venue rate does not change, as we only hold one event per day at The Lodge. Your rental includes 6 hours of event time, so this generally means you are able to have a longer party if your ceremony is off-site.                                                          

Are we able to rent just the Library Bar or the Lawn?

We only hold one event per day at The Lodge, so renting one part of the venue is the same charge as renting the whole venue.                                                      

We’d like our party to go later - can we add an extra hour?

Your rental includes 4 hours of setup and 6 hours of event time. If you’d like to extend your event time, there will be an extra cost.  Because of the close proximity of our neighbors, we have a strict event curfew time of 11:00 pm Friday and Saturdays and 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday. If your event already ends at curfew and you’d like to add more time, we’d give your event an earlier start time.                                                          

What is covered by the Event Fee?

The Event Fee covers wear and tear on our furnishings and dishware, as well as venue cleaning and upkeep. The fee also covers many of the costs associated with offering the event space and with operating a catering business, such as liability insurance, worker’s comp, staff training, office personnel, monthly utilities, equipment purchases and maintenance, transportation costs, and other assorted business expenses. The Event Fee is not a gratuity. 

What Does Rental of The Lodge Include?

 How much setup time will we have and how long will our event be?

Your venue rental includes an 11 hour time window: 4 hours of setup time, followed by a 6 hour event, and 1 hour after your event end time for vendor load out, decor cleanup, etc.  The Ballroom furniture (dining tables and chairs) will be set by the start of your access time, so that your florist and other vendors can get to work right away.  If you need more than 4 hours of setup time, we charge an hourly fee.  We cannot allow venue access before 8am. 

Do we need to rent dishes, glasses etc. or do you provide them?

The Lodge comes fully stocked with classic white china dishware and glassware, for service of up to 200 guests. Our stock of dishware includes dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, and coffee cups and saucers. Glassware options include the following silhouettes: red wine, white wine, footed water glass, champagne flute, old fashioned cocktail, and collins glass. We also carry an extensive collection of serviceware which may be used for your appetizers, buffet, cake display, and more. There are no fees to use our serviceware, and you may bring in any additional rentals to complement or replace our set if you choose.

 Is there a charge to use your silverware?

We offer stainless steel flatware at no extra charge. We also have a set of beautiful antique mismatched silver flatware, which is available for an extra charge.                                                     

Do you offer linens?

We offer classic white linen dinner napkins.  We do not keep any table linens in stock.  You are welcome to bring in your own napkins, tablecloths, and other linens from whichever rental company you choose – they are a great way to add color to your table. 

Do we need to rent furniture or do you provide it?

The Lodge is fully furnished with 18 farmhouse-style wood dining tables and 190 x-back wood dining chairs. In addition, we offer a set of 12 upholstered gray linen chairs, as well as many other side tables and unique pieces of furniture. Our dining tables are 4' x 8' in size and seat 10 people comfortably. We also have 15 60” round banquet tables in stock, which we do not provide linens for.  For your ceremony, we have a set of 200 vintage folding wood chairs and two ceremony arch options.  We do not charge any rental fees for the use of our furniture.  If you’d like to bring in your own furniture, there is a charge for the labor necessary to remove and store our furniture.  

 Is a ceremony arch available for my wedding?

We offer 2 arches: a rustic wood beam arch, and a circular infinity arch (also known as a moon gate). You are welcome to use and decorate either arch for your ceremony at no additional charge, as long as you (or your florist) removes all florals, décor, staples, ribbon and/or wire at the end of your event. Our staff will set up the arch and ceremony chairs for you on the day of your event.                   

Do you set and clean everything up for us?

Our staff will set up all of the items that we provide, such as ceremony chairs, arch, dining tables and chairs, dinnerware, and barware.  You and your vendors are responsible for setting up any décor, florals, custom signage, sound equipment, drapery, photo booth, etc.

We also clean up all of our provided items and services. You and/or your vendors are responsible for cleaning up and removing anything else that’s been brought into the space, such as flowers, décor, signage, paper products, candles, etc.

Do you have a sound system?

We do not. Your DJ and/or band will need to provide any sound equipment you require for your ceremony and reception.

Are there any sound restrictions?

We do enforce decibel restrictions when necessary.  For amplified music on the Lawn during ceremony or on the Front Porch during Cocktail Hour, a maximum of 55 decibels is allowed.  Inside the Ballroom the maximum is 90 decibels.                                                        

Do you offer lighting design?

We do carry and can arrange up-lighting in the Ballroom or exterior of the building via a set of 9 wireless LED quad-par lights, which can be pre-programmed with a color of your choice, for an additional fee. We do not offer any other type of lighting design - most couples look to their DJ to provide party or dance floor lighting.                                                             

Additional Questions                                                         

Can we bring in whichever Vendors we choose?

Yes, so long as they provide proof of liability insurance and a signed copy of our House Rules. If your vendor has never worked at Malibou Lake before, we also require that they schedule a walk-through meeting.  This is to familiarize themselves with the space and our rules, in order to ensure a snag-free event for you.  

Can we hold our reception on the Lawn?

Absolutely – we welcome outdoor dining. We do not allow amplified music on the lawn beyond your ceremony time, so for an outdoor reception you may wish to have acoustic music on the Lawn and then move into the Ballroom for dancing and speeches.

Where can we place the dance floor?

Our hardwood Ballroom floor is suitable for dancing, so you may place the ‘dance floor’ wherever you choose. Some couples choose to bring in a specialty dance floor, but it is not necessary.

What kinds of activities for children does The Lodge offer?

The Lodge does not have any designated children’s activities or games.  Children must be supervised at all times by their parents or by a babysitter.  If you’d like a separate room for children you may use one of the three dressing suites, provided the children are accompanied by a professional babysitter.                                                            

Are lawn games permitted and do you carry them?

We love the idea of having Lawn games as part of your cocktail hour or reception. We do not carry any games, but there are quite a few rental companies that offer them and you are welcome to set them up and play them. Please see our Vendor List.                                                                                       

Do you allow pets?

The wedding couple is welcome to include their dog or cat in their ceremony, provided the pet is leashed or crated at all times. We recommend having a crate or someone designated to take the pet home directly after the ceremony, as pets are not allowed inside the Lodge (with the exception of service animals). Please be aware that there are coyotes, hawks, and even a few mountain lions in the area, so for the safety of the pets themselves we really cannot allow guests to bring them.                                                                                                                                                     

Do you offer a cigar/smoking lounge or area?

Smoking is prohibited indoors and outdoors within 50 ft. of any of the entrance doors. Guests are welcome to smoke either on the Lawn or on the uncovered portion of the Front Patio, where ashtrays are stationed for your convenience.                                                           

Do you offer valet parking?

We do provide a parking attendant to assist your guests in self-parking, but we do not offer a valet service. You are welcome to contract a valet company for your event if you choose.                                                        

How tall is the Malibou Lake entrance arch to the parking lot?

The clearance height at the center of the arch is 15’4”. We’ve had many trucks come into the lot with no problem, but if your vendor is worried about their truck fitting, they need to do a site check.                                                                                              

Can we have sparklers or smoke bombs at The Lodge?

Unfortunately, due to local codes we cannot allow sparklers or colored smoke bombs. All types of fireworks are illegal to use in our area (unincorporated LA County), as stipulated by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  

Can we use a drone to shoot footage during our wedding?

We do allow drone photography with a few stipulations: the drone may only be flown over the parking lot and Lawn areas, in daylight only - the drone may NOT be flown over the lake or the public road.  As will all vendors, your drone operator will need to provide us with proof of liability insurance and a signed copy of our House Rules.


What is your rain plan? What are the costs associated with it?

In the case of rain there are three options:

1) Hold your ceremony in the Ballroom.  After your ceremony has concluded, our staff would ‘flip the room’ for dining, during your Cocktail Hour.  There is an additional fee for this plan, to cover the extra labor needed.  Depending on your guest count, you may wish to cover the uncovered portion of the Front Porch with a rental tent.


2) Hold your ceremony on the Front Porch.  For this we can set up 1 row of seating for elderly or VIP guests, and the remainder of your guests would be standing for your ceremony.  This plan is only an option if your guest count does not exceed 100 people.  There is no additional cost for this plan.


3) You would rent a tent to cover a portion of the lawn for your ceremony.  We do keep track of the weather and will reserve and schedule the tent installation and removal through our preferred vendor, pending your approval.  The typical cost of tenting ranges from about $1500-$3000, depending on size and other factors.  For this we would simply bill you an addendum to your invoice to cover the cost.